Full Circle

Tears fall into a stream of pain

I leap into my reflection

Hoping to begin again

This time it’ll be different

I’ll drain my blood

Reset my brain

No recollection of misery

Limbs moving freely

A glimpse of the old me

The me that moved with agility

Not fatigued upon waking

You know, I was thinking

Instead of sinking

I’d fill my holes with love

Floatation affirmations

That bubble beneath me

Restoring my energy

Reviving me mentally

Feeding me spiritually

Full circle…360

Back to me.

K. A. M.



Silence invites peace…

A stillness of relief

Painted all over me

If only you could see

The depth of artistry

Cosmos are creating

A balanced harmony

Within in me

Stardust is percolating

A perfect synergy

Of who I am and

Who I’m becoming

A mirror beneath my lids

Reflect the source of light

Between my third eye and mind

I hide there, in the quiet

Simmering in solace

Is where you’ll find me

Healing, loving, growing


K. A. M.

Sweet Home

Been waiting so long

A 3 minute song

Got me in my feelings

Memories drenching

Like my panties

The fantasy is wet

And I…open wide

You effortlessly slide

Between my thighs

Penetrating my peace

Mastering my melody

In tune with my body

You lead the riding

From beneath me

Squeezing my juicy

As it’s dripping

So deep…I recall

What I’d been missing

A sound, a feeling

Some sexual healing


K. A. M.

Razzle Dazzle

I usually sparkle when I sputter

Moving in high gear, tryna get outta here

Fearing your negative energy will interfere

Sear my frequency, disbanding connectivity

I rebuke thee…

My stunners deflecting imbalance

A sip from the chalice, a little witches brew

Vapors exhaled

Release you

Diseased you

Lack hue

So you

Envy me

Bright n beautiful


K. A. M.


I’m tryna see inside

Slide a mile on your ride

Enjoy all the highs

Naturally mystified

By your abundance

I trust this connection

By divine selection

A copy reflected

Felt in our essence

The presence of authenticity

A rarity shared

Between astral beings.

K. A. M.

Natural High

Heightened vibrations takin me places

Head in the sky stargazing

Drifting amongst the clouds

Catching a contact from the atmosphere

Trippin on a fantastic voyage, you’d want to feel

Wake up sitting Lakeside, where it’s all the way live

A buzz in the air got me high

Take a toke of happiness, feelin blessed by the summertime breeze

Won’t you please hit this bong of life with me

Inhale all of its beauty…

Then exhale slowly…so you don’t miss a thing

Relax, your breathing the strongest aphrodisiac this side of Cali

Like a sea of grapes in Napa Valley my reaction is bubbly

Giddy off the gallons of spirits, libations poured you’ll soon feel it

Without taking a sip, you’ll be intoxicated

Inebriated beyond belief, drowning in the sin of living

An uninhabited feeling, a natural dopamine is released

Euphoria consumes me,

Elation subdues me,

Feeling as high as infinity.

K. A. M.


I love watching my Sun illuminate

His energy makes you gravitate toward the blessing

Greatness ascending to Godliness

Olokun guards his thinking with the deepest waves

Ripples of coils 9 ether strong cover his crown

A King by name, Khari it means the same

Synonymous with his strength

Integrity above most a rare pedigree

No need to speak, experience it and see.

K. A. M.

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