Be my scarf

Hold on tight

Perfect fit

Snug, just right

Body quivering

Feeling light

On the edge

You balance

Me, gyrating

Rotating hips


Finding it…HaRd

Not to cum

Juices ooze

Down your smooth

I slide…

Your throbbing

Ready to release

I softly whisper

Not yet…

Thrusting like a jet

Higher N higher

Letting the rhythm


We rupture

Explosive desires

Become tranquil

Soaking up silence

Hearts harmonizing.

K. A. M.


Option #1

Option #1

His love is like breathing fresh air

Inhaling and exhaling peace

He brings me joy and reciprocate it with ease

Endlessly loving from beginning to end we transcend time and space

Drifting beyond reality, indulging in our dreams

Where we love to be



K. A. M.

Dreamt of You



Dreaming of you

Things I wanna do

If only I were near

You’d be able to feel

The passion

Of my kisses

As my lips

Spit finish

Then shine

Your wood

I’d love to ride

A slow grind

The kind

Where we get high

Climax in synch

Perfectly timed

Before I awaken.

K. A. M.

Kosmic Kisses

Like the universe

You surround me

Cosmic energy beaming

Stardust streaming

Reveling in my waterfalls


With elevated intensity

You devour me

Fiendishly slurping

The last drop

My galaxy is bursting

Ready to pop

Holding on tight

I give in to you

Vibrations shifting

Spinning off balance


Spiritually connecting

Between heaven

And earth

Face first


Your thirst


K. A. M.

His Lips

His lips fascinate me

He’s talking and I don’t hear a thing

Except bring them juicy things near

Close enough for me to suck the bottom one

It ain’t no fun of the top can’t get none

Equal attention is given cuz I’m driven by lust

It’s a must I taste you

Your lips are a prelude to tune beautifully orchestrated

Created by the magic between us

The sparks that leave us, ignite a flame

Under a spell…

No wand

His lips

That kiss

I’m addicted.

K. A. M.

I Wanna Spoon

I wanna spoon…

To be close to you

Feeling your heartbeat match mine

I wanna spoon…

To feel your warmth on my back

Your breath on my neck

I wanna spoon…

To feel your hardness against my ass

One hand caresses my nipple, while the other softens my skittle

I wanna spoon…

To give you easy access

Your hand around my neck

The other on my waistline so you can sliiide right in

I wanna spoon…

To cock it up high

So you can dive deep in

I wanna spoon…

To let you navigate this trip

While controlling the motion with my hips

I wanna spoon…

Like swirls of chocolate

Covered in steam

Like a decadent dream

It’s appetizing

Just the beginning.

K. A. M.



I saw me and felt the energy reflecting

Discarding the past, inviting the present

The gift of my presence is felt in my essence

Unseen by the naked eye, though I bare all

Vulnerability seeping from sleeves perfect for hiding

Just beneath the surface you’ll find everything

Pressure no longer erupting fire, emitting toxicity

Serenity,smooth n soft like violet petals that adorn me

Growth and peace dwell beneath the layers shedding

Replenishing the core, elevating intensely

On a throne made just for me…

Queen Kammy.

K. A. M.

Artwork: Royalty by El Carna

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